You need an editor, there are a bunch of them out there, and you don’t know which to chose. Simple: choose me. I’m damned good at it, my rates are reasonable, and, perhaps most important, I’m not a one-size-fits-all kind of guy. Whether you need a simple polish, a major rewrite, or anything in between, I’ll tailor my services to you.

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Here’s what some of the writers whose work I’ve edited have to say:

Fiction (nonfiction here)

Nathan, a fabulous author himself, has a terrific sense of story, continuity, context and character development. I am honored any time he is able to edit one of our books, because I know that his editing knowledge plus his sensitivity to an author’s creative journey always results in a superior product. Anyone in need of quality editing in a timely fashion need look no further. We intend to continue with Nathan as long as he is willing.
—Jeffrey Weber, CEO/President, Stark Raving Press/Bookxy

Nathan edited my Bookxy.com novella, Psycho Logic, for the Stark Raving Group. I’ve been a professional writer for more than three decades, including six books for major publishers (two were #1 NYT bestsellers) so I know whereof I speak. Nathan’s work was not only outstanding in terms of meaningful insights, but light-handed in terms of subjective changes, which is a breath of fresh air in this industry. I’d recommend him any day.
Craig Faustus Buck, New York Times bestselling author

Nathan worked with me editing my novella and did a terrific job making suggestions, which were all right on, without changing the flow of the book. All his suggestions improved the novel.
Charles Salzberg, author and writing teacher


I’ve worked with Nathan on numerous freelance projects, including books, as well as his serving as the editor-in-chief of a site, FourStory, I was a staff writer on for several years. I’ve always found his edits and suggestions for improving my copy to be spot on and he did not employ a heavy hand. Rather he was clear and concise on what would make a given article or passage by me work better. I recommend his skill highly.
Gary Phillips, journalist and novelist (Nathan edited Gary’s fiction too)

In my three-plus decades of writing for a living—with sizable chunks of it for the LA Times, OC Register and OC Weekly—I’ve experienced all manner of editing, most of it good, but little of it quite as good as my writing received from Nathan at the FourStory.org website. I’ve found his editing to be perceptive, respectful of the story being attempted, and with remedies and solutions for awkward passages that would make the piece so obviously better I had to wonder why they weren’t obvious to me when it was writing it. This was in addition to him shouldering all the practical bother of managing the site and the various kittens writing for it.
Jim Washburn, journalist and novelist (Nathan edited Jim’s fiction too)

For years, Nathan was my editor at a non-profit advocacy publication and over the course of this job he both improved my writing and coached me to better-critique what I read. He’s detailed, thorough and shrewd, and I highly recommend him.
Tony Chavira, writer and graphic novelist

Nathan was my editor for five years. I wrote a weekly column for the FourStory website. I had never written before nor knew how to publish things. He gently and tactfully showed me things I didn’t know. He’s fair and correct on all things editorial. He is a really fine writer in his own right. He’s smart. He’s got a treasure trove of arcane information that he can translate into wonderful things. I would recommend him as an editor, a writer, a teacher, a grammarian, and a knower-of-things.
Donna Schoenkopf, writer and blogger