The Logan Triad

The Logan Triad
$17.95eBook: $8.99
Series: Logan
Genres: Mystery, Thriller
Tags: Novellas, Stories
Publisher: Down & Out Books
Publication Year: 2017
ASIN: B01N29B61G
ISBN: 9781943402588

Sometimes those who do terrible things to good people slip through the cracks. That’s where Logan comes in. He tracks down the guilty and holds them accountable. He specializes in those who mistreat women and children. He works with a team of three young crimefighters who’ve benefited from his efforts. And none of the four is above letting a little thing like the law get in his or her way.

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About the Book

The Logan Triad includes three novellas:

  • In Logan’s Young Guns, a young woman shows up in the emergency room, and Logan sets out to find the man responsible and make sure he doesn’t do it again.
  • In Logan Shoots First, the team must balance a forced-prostitution ring with a lead on the case that’s haunted Logan for seven years.
  • In Logan Gets Caught, a young woman from Logan’s past reappears, insisting he investigate the murder of her mother.

Plus the bonus stories “Daughters” and “Johnny and the Warehouse Women.”

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