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The Logan Triad

Three Bullet-Riddled Novellas

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Push Comes to Shove

Seven Stories and a Novella
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New Logan on March 13 … and Joe Portugal Returns

The Logan collection has three novellas and two short stories. And Joe P. returns in 2018.

Cactus Club Craziness

The Cactus Club Killings gets listed on BookBub and cracks Kindle's top hundred.

Wishin’ and Hopin’ and Pushin’ and Shovin’

In which I admit my life-long affection for professional wrestling and explain how it tied me to Joyce Carol Oates.

Fame Is Rot; Daughters Are the Thing

I try to increase my readership and find out I can't even give my work away ... at least at Amazon.

Something Completely Different

Let's talk about dogs. And dog owners. Most dogs are good dogs, if you give them a chance. Some owners are good, a few bad. Then there are those who
ereader and books

Adventures in Bookmaking

In which I go on and on about e-book formats and show off my knowledge of HTML and other web design skills.
The Who

One Last Hit and The Who

People try to put us down. Things they do look awful cold. Best bass solo ever.

Mysterious Homes and Gardens

Nathan waxes poetic about his architectural and horticultural influences.