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One Last Hit

One Last Hit for One Measly Dollar

Walpow drops Joe Portugal novel #3 to a lousy dollar while wisely avoiding a “Joe Buck” pun.

Legs Halfway to Santa Barbara

She came to my office in the Steelgrave Building at Hollywood and Cahuenga at a quarter to five on a Wednesday afternoon.

Occupation, Distribution, and Supremacy

An anthology is out, Joe P. goes wide, and Walpow hits the pinnacle of publishing success.

Fame Is Still Rot

More silly Amazon rankings for “Daughters,” plus a review appears and more are requested.

We’re Number Four!

If you break things down to small enough categories, you too can experience the joy of being on the bestseller list.

Get My “Daughters” for Free

Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, “Daughters” is free at last!

In the Pipeline … Plus, Help Wanted

Walpow discusses a bunch of works in progress, then asks for your invaluable help.

Well, That Was Disappointing

Walpow analyzes the results of the Great Joe Portugal Giveaway, then compains about the weather.
One Last Hit

OLH Freebie Extended to Five Days

Walpow gets so excited about giving books away that he decides to do it for five whole days.
One Last Hit

Today and Tomorrow: Free Joe Portugal

Walpow shows that he never learned how to read a calendar. You benefit by getting an extra day to add One Last Hit to your library for zip-nada.
One Last Hit

Free to a Good Home: One Last Hit

Walpow goes stark raving bonkers and starts giving it away. But it’s for one day only! Mark your calendars!

Wishin’ and Hopin’ and Pushin’ and Shovin’

In which I admit my life-long affection for professional wrestling and explain how it tied me to Joyce Carol Oates.