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Push cover
Logan's Young Guns cover

Cheap Push

For a couple of days, get "Push," based on a short story selected for the Year's Best Mystery series, for a paltry 99 cents.
Ticket and Billie

Something Completely Different

Let's talk about dogs. And dog owners. Most dogs are good dogs, if you give them a chance. Some owners are good, a few bad. Then there are those who don't have a clue.

Coming Soon: Occupied Earth

The science fiction/crime anthology includes my "Johnny and the Warehouse Women," featuring Annie and Johnny from "Logan's Young Guns."

This Gun For Hire

He writes. He edits. He signs up with freelance services to ensure that the dogs don't run out of kibble.

The Urban Scribe Strikes Again

Walpow edits Phillips. Phillips edits Walpow. Walpow edits Phillips again. Thus goes the circle of life.
Push cover

“Push” Is Out

The 4,000 word "Push Comes to Shove" was chosen for the Year's Best Mystery stories series. Let's see what happens at 25,000 or so.

One, Two, Three … Push

Sometimes a story demands more exploration. Sometimes it takes 15 years to get around to it, like with this tale of what happens when professional wrestling gets a little too real.
One Last Hit

Free Joe Portugal!

I come up with a new marketing plan: give books away. Which turns out to be not so clever when two thirds of the winners are in New Zealand.
ereader and books

Adventures in Bookmaking

In which I go on and on about e-book formats and show off my knowledge of HTML and other web design skills.

Join a List, Get a Story

This story's protagonist eventually turned into Logan, he of the Young Guns. But I've been thinking about him for a long time.
Logan's Young Guns cover

Logan Is Everywhere

My other e-books are just on Amazon. This one's all over the place, because somebody else was in charge of putting it there.

Fellow Stark Raver Plugs Logan

Stark Raving Press author Mike Monson plugs my book. In restrospect, the "plugged my brother" bit in my post seems incredibly lame.
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