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The Cactus Club Killings

Cheap Kindle Cactus Club Killings

An unexpected sale means you can own the very first Joe Portugal novel for less than a buck.
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Push Comes to Shove 1230x1845

The Best Writer You Never Heard Of

Seven stories, a novella, and a Lee Child foreword walk into a bookstore ...

Logan Gets Booked

Enough with the e-stuff already. Let's see a real book made of real paper!

Logan Hits the Streets

Logan number two is out, as the team chases a forced prostitution ring while dealing with the case Logan can't forget.

Imminent Domain

The teeming millions' wait is over: Logan hits the streets this Saturday, searching out miscreants old and new.

Logan Rides Again

The urban vigilante and his crew of young guns returns to chase baddies old and new.
One Last Hit

One Last Hit for One Measly Dollar

Walpow drops Joe Portugal novel #3 to a lousy dollar while wisely avoiding a "Joe Buck" pun.

Legs Halfway to Santa Barbara

She came to my office in the Steelgrave Building at Hollywood and Cahuenga at a quarter to five on a Wednesday afternoon.

Occupation, Distribution, and Supremacy

An anthology is out, Joe P. goes wide, and Walpow hits the pinnacle of publishing success.

Fame Is Still Rot

More silly Amazon rankings for "Daughters," plus a review appears and more are requested.

We’re Number Four!

If you break things down to small enough categories, you too can experience the joy of being on the bestseller list.